We are grateful for the support of our partners and donors who are dedicated to helping low-income women obtain education and networks so they can access good paying careers. We extend special thanks to The Riverside Church.


Alder, New York

Eileen Fisher

Lafayette 148 New York

Wesley, Brown & Bartle


Cottonwood Foundation

Darma Fund

Eileen Fisher Community Foundation

Goldman Sachs Gives

Hyde and Watson Foundation

New York Women's Foundation

Valentine Perry Snyder Fund


Chinonso Akano, Rhonda Allen, Ifeyinwa Anoliefo, Anonymous, Ava Bynum, Susan Bynum, Deborah Chay, Ruth Conner, Dennis Derryck, Angelique Dorsey, Melody Rollins Downes, Steven & Susie Feldman, Reverend Cathy S. Gilliard, Victoria Grant, Dr. Adam Hill, Suwha Hong, Kerry James, David Jones, Veronica Jones, Amini Kajunju, Patricia J. Kozu, Rana LaPine, Christina Lem, Michele Long, Marsha Modeste, Carol Baldwin Moody, Alisia Moore, James Okaro, Ngozi Okaro, Nnabike Okaro, Eric Palmer, Christine Pomeranz, Michelle Pryce-Screen, Andrea Rogers, Vanna Sin, Denise Slater, Ramona Sunderwirth, Elaine Reiss, Juliana Rowe, Solade Rowe, Sharona Sankar-King, Laurel Schaffer, Willa Shalit, Vivian Taylor, Soo Uhm, Carl Webb, Susan York

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