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The Sewing Program for Immigrant Women in NYC

An estimated 21 billion pounds of textiles ends up in landfill every year. Over 91% of clothing sold in the US has been made in developing nations, likely by underpaid workers. It's no wonder that making a difference in this industry can feel quite daunting. However, change has only ever been achieved one way - one step at a time. That's why when we were introduced to Custom Collaborative, a sewing cooperative providing training to low income and immigrant women here in New York City, we were stoked. Here's more about them.

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11 Questions With Custom Collaborative

After discovering a hole in the fashion market, Ngozi Okaro founded Custom Collaborative, a New York City-based development program that trains and supports women from low-income and immigrant communities through fashion.

The program nurtures and supports women as they develop sewing skills and tools to overcome employment barriers, turning the tables on marginalized women by lifting them up to economic independence. We got to sit down to Ngozi and go behind her mission to serve an otherwise under-served population of powerful and capable women:

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